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10 minutes ago
I think Ive gotten fat o.o;;
25 minutes ago
Greetings, dear readers!

I may have a bit of time during the month of July to get on with some...
4 hours ago
Hi Everyone... Boy, I sure hope I am doing this right. XD I've never done a Blog before, so if this...
6 hours ago
When I got a gallery, I knew my art wasn't gonna cut it here, so I wanted to work most on my ability...
6 hours ago
Here comes another Friday update.

The story which I had planned to release today might not be...
6 hours ago
I survived June, YEAHY. June saw one of my pics push past 100 faves while another piece took the...
10 hours ago
This blog ain't important in anyway so feel free not to read. Just in a high mood from a dream XD.
13 hours ago
Not much to say other than that for the moment.
I'll revive it when I can, and without saying too...
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4 months ago
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11 months ago
Hello, yes, I am going to AC this year. I thought I should mention this stuff, since I never do it ahead of time. Even if I am a bit late....
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2 years ago
Hello, I am at Furfright now! ...
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2 years ago
I am going to be at Anthrocon until Monday, so that means I won't be here except randomly....
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4 years ago
Leapocalypse is fixed on all servers. You can return to work....
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"I mean.. It isn't like I need to do anything for a while. Sure." Carmin nodded....
in The Pokemon Story 8 hours ago
You think for a second and you decide to try and fake around him. You start to run at full speed...
in The Pokemon Story 8 hours ago
"Well then we could have some "special times" together" he says in a sexy tone...
in The Pokemon Story 8 hours ago
He then nods his head and flies off. When you get to his den he starts licking you like he...
in The Pokemon Story 8 hours ago
You walk over to Charizard and clamber into his mouth. When you do you feel a tickling as hey licks...
in The Pokemon Story 8 hours ago
You wait thinking "Why isn't he getting this over with?" then, as if he could hear your...
in The Pokemon Story 8 hours ago
You look up at her not very surprised. You then notice you might be able to dash out the front door...
in The Pokemon Story 8 hours ago
Seeing as how your head is the only thing out of her mouth you try to beg for your life saying how...
in In the Lion's Den 10 hours ago
You are now living feces. You move back down to the sphincter, ready to be released into your new...
in In the Lion's Den 10 hours ago
As the fresh feces moves down the large intestine, you open your mouth and eat it.
You catch up to the Luxray as she held the Jolteon like a puppy. "Hi," She said with a...
in In the Lion's Den 10 hours ago
You are pulled entirely inside the asshole, and into the stomach of the lion. His stomach acid...
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