Searching for Players in Guild Wars 2, DFO, & Blade and Soul

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Searching for Players in Guild Wars 2, DFO, & Blade and Soul

Postby Conflictions » Sat Jul 07, 2018 11:05 am

For awhile now I've been getting a lack of role-playing from a site I hang about and thus turned to gaming. However, can't really say I miss role-playing and my fetishes are stirring up again. I've always been a massive fan of vore, deep enough to touch Tempory and Permanent, although I been role-playing for much longer than I had the taste for it.

So Rather, than risk asking around in-game(god spare the immature that live in MMOs) - I decided to make a post here.

Like it says on the tin - Seeking Guild Wars 2, Blade and Soul, and Dungeon Fighter Online Players who love the complete package of vore - [Painless and or Painful] Digestion - [Detailed] Disposal(Or whatever it goes for around here). Predators welcome - Although if you happen to be a predator I can and might, ask you to eat me. As I am more geared to be Prey. Hehe

If in-game is not your style, I have a discord and F-list. Both are effective in reaching me. Simply send a PM Via Eka's and I will give you the according to information for my discord.


Guild Wars 2; Haruki Kanae

As an Avid role-player, I am only interested in mature players; meaning people with common sense and a good grasp of English. Doesn't have to be perfect, but an effort is nice. If you are also very lewd that is good for me too. :3

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