Feral Snake Seeking Prey

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Feral Snake Seeking Prey

Postby SkeletonGoat » Tue Aug 28, 2018 1:46 am

Okay so I took a break from rps and had a really bad creative slump. I sort of want to come back slow and I find the best way to do that is by going back to basics. I'm craving a nice quick snake rp. Nothing big, fancy or elaborate, just some nice one offs. I am asexual so sexy times with the snake are a no go, but I'm not gonna say no if you want your character to like pop a boner when they are getting eaten.

What I am looking for

-I have no preference for prey items. You can be male, female, trans, human, furry, feral, etc. I am not a picky pred.

-I like bulges and so I can play a snake barely big enough to swallow you to a nice 20/25 footer. Do note I'm not playing a 20ft snake to your mouse sized character, I'm not big on that size difference game.

-A literate rper who can do at least a paragraph per response.

-Unwilling Prey is a must and a huge preference for fatal scenarios. Also everything from implied digestion to doing graphic/goopy digestion is also fine.

-Obviously with this pred type this is soft oral vore only

What I won't do:

-Underage Prey
-huge size difference

If you have any questions about other preferences feel free to ask.

If you are up to rp with me just send me a pm. I will rp either here on Eka's, Skype or on Discord.

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