Story: "A Powerful Hunger" (F/M, F/F, oral, same size, scat)

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Story: "A Powerful Hunger" (F/M, F/F, oral, same size, scat)

Postby avatar300 » Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:12 am

I’ve been working on this story involving superpowers for a while and I’ve finally gotten the preface and first chapter ready to post here (involves same size oral F/M). If you enjoy it, please keep an eye on this thread for future chapters!



This story is set in an alternate version of our reality, where about 5% of all humans are born with a superpower. These powers include telekinesis, limb regeneration, and pyrokinesis, to name a few. Each powered person also has a limited supply of mana that allows them to use their powers, which slowly refills to the max whenever they aren't using their ability.

Though there has been conflict between unpowered and powered humans in the past, the age of discrimination is mostly over. The government still keeps a registry of powered people in order to know which ones could potentially pose a threat to society. A drug has also been invented to suppress the use of one's abilities. Depending on how dangerous someone's power can be, they may be required by law to take this suppressant when entering airports and government buildings.
Genetics play a part in deciding who's born with powers, but a child rarely develops the same power as their parent, and even someone with two powered parents isn't guaranteed to be born with an ability. It was once theorized that when a powered human dies, their ability leaves their body and zooms around the world until it contacts another person, who then gains that ability. This has been confirmed by countless reports of people in their adulthood randomly obtaining a power hours after someone with that same power passed away. Science still hasn't found a way to control who receives a deceased person's ability, and no-one with an ability has ever received a second power out of the blue.

The world is mostly at peace and most people don't use their powers for evil. But some people with dark fantasies have the ability to bring their wildest dreams to life, and if they were to give into their uncontrollable urges, they could become deadly predators.

/Chapter 01/

James gulped as he raised his hand, then knocked on the apartment door. Maybe it was a mistake replying to this Missed Connections post. It could all just be a prank, or even worse.

It all seemed too good to be true, for a girl to have seen him reading her favorite book at the cafe where he frequently sat alone. "I'm kind of shy, so I didn't have the courage to approach you" the message had said. "But I'd love to meet up with you." James had gotten to talking with this girl, and the photos of herself she had sent were drop dead gorgeous.

"Maybe some jerk's playing a prank on me and he got his sister to pose for the photo" he said to himself. But he would've kicked himself if this was real and he'd missed the chance to date such a beauty. He was about to knock again when the apartment door opened.

"James? I was worrying you wouldn't come" said the girl with a smile. She was tall with pasty white skin, cute round eyes, and light red hair. She was even hotter in person, dressed in a tight blue dress that showed off her figure perfectly.

James gulped again. "Hi, Phoebe." The photos didn't do her justice.

She welcomed him inside and patted the edge of the bed for him to sit on. His fingers were shaking wildly and his tongue felt dry. "It's okay to be nervous" she said as she poured some red wine into two goblets. She didn't seem nervous at all as she handed him his drink. "This should help take the edge off."

"Thanks." He took baby sips as they made small talk. By the time he'd emptied his glass, his thoughts were much cleared. "What do you do for a living?" he asked.

"I'm lucky enough that I can make money off my powers."

"You're powered? That's awesome! I'm powered too, but I was worried about admitting it since you never know how someone's going to react to that. Watch this." James lifted his arm towards the book sitting on her desk, but she immediately put her hand on his and lowered it. Her palm was hot on his skin.

"You don't need to lift anything just to impress me" said Phoebe. "Relax. You're a guest here."

James cocked his head. "How did you know that telekinesis is my power?"

"Lucky guess." Phoebe pushed her wavy red hair back over her ear. "You reached out with your hand, so I just assumed you were about to levitate something." Her expressive eyes flicked up to meet his for a second. "My power is to create fields of warped space." She raised both hands and the air rippled before them for a second before settling. When Phoebe then stuck her hand out, her arm narrowed like the middle of an hour glass in the space she had affected. It was like looking into a carnival mirror.

"Wow. I've never seen a power like that before. So objects shrink as they pass through this space?"

"Sort of. It's like I'm making the space larger on the inside than it is on the outside. I can increase or decrease the amount of room in a given area. It's tricky to explain, but I've been able to make money as a street magician. I can use my ability to fit my whole body inside small boxes, or tuck whole long chains of handkerchiefs into the palm of my hand."

James was listening, but he had trouble concentrating. Her voice was sweet and her words flowed from her tongue like rich honey.

"Although.... This is a bit embarrassing" she said, covering an anxious little smile that sent shivers up his spine.

"What is it?"

"I swallow swords as part of my act, and one of them has gotten stuck in my stomach."

"Ouch! Have you been to the hospital?"

"No! It's too embarrassing!" Phoebe giggled, and the sound of her laugh made James feel like he'd had twice as much wine. "The swords are all blunt, so I'm in no danger, but I can't get it out." She put one hand into her mouth and swallowed her arm up to her elbow. The sight turned James's body ice cold. Even if he tolerated all people no matter how weird their powers were, it just looked unnatural for someone to be able to fit so much into their mouth. Her jaw barely moved as she consumed her own arm, but her throat did ripple a bit as her hand slid down her gullet.

She kept talking, and despite her arm being lodged halfway down her throat, her voice was crystal clear and as seductive as before. "The problem is that I can't reach that far down. I don't want to try using any tools to fish the sword out because then there's a chance I'll lose them down my throat too."

"Is there anything I can do to help?" James asked, even though he felt out of breath.

Phoebe pulled her arm out. "Well if you insist. Do you think you could see how far down my throat you can reach?"

"I guess...."

"Just be aware that you might have to reach in all the way up to your waist."

James's jaw dropped. He had only met this luscious young woman half an hour ago and she was already letting him almost completely inside her body. He was still a virgin but this felt even more intimate than he expected even sex to be. He felt uneasy thinking of what might happen if his hand brushed her stomach juices, but the sword surely couldn't be lodged that deep in her tummy. If he could do such a favor for her, she would HAVE to be his girlfriend.

"I'll do it" he said once he caught his breath.

"That's so sweet of you" she said with a smile, and he felt a tingle deep in his abdomen. "You should probably take your shirt off first. It might get ruined, and it looks like it would itch my throat."

James nodded, feeling like an idiot, and did as she suggested. Once his shirt was unbuttoned, Phoebe lay stomach down along her own bed so that her legs were hanging over the edge. This causes her cleavage to be exposed. Her breasts looked smooth and soft, and James forced himself to look away. He didn't want her to see him erect just yet, especially when part of him was already about to enter her body.

He lowered onto the bed and crawled closer to her face. Their noses were almost touching. Up this close, her eyes looked wild and playful, as if she was feeling some animalistic urge that most humans were too evolved to ever feel. "Go on" she said, and her hot breath washed over his face.

James was still unable to believe what he was about to do, but he dared to brush back the curvy hair covering her mouth like a curtain. Her lips then slowly parted and he got a good look at her uvula, shining with moisture at the back of her mouth.

He didn't know what to expect when he put his hand into her mouth, but his flat palm felt like it barely covered an inch of her tongue. He felt around and the tiny bumps of her tongue felt massive. He stroked her inner cheek and felt how incredibly slippery it was. With his teeth chattering, he put his other hand in and reached down her throat. The walls of her gullet pulsated like a giant worm.

"You'll have to go deeper" Phoebe said, amazing him again with how clear her voice was at this point. "Your fingertips haven't even passed my collarbone.

James took one last good look at her stunning face and put his head into her mouth. Everything went dark since he was now blocking the only source of light into her maw, and her breath smelled pungent as if a piece of meat had been stuck between her teeth for a few days. He put his arms out straight but still couldn't feel any foreign object, although he could feel her heartbeat through her esophagus wall, so he must have passed her chest.

He felt a gentle hand grab each of his ankles and force his body deeper into Phoebe's throat. She then pulled his pants down and plucked them off his feet. James was now in up to his knees, and his hands bent against a thick ring of muscles, so he guessed that he was at the entrance to her stomach. The fact that she had just shoved him in like one of her swords without asking worried him, and so did the way she had just stripped him down to his boxers.

She then talked again, and her voice boomed around him from every angle. "While you're feeling around, would you like to hear the story of Water Girl?" He didn't respond, but after a few seconds she began anyway. "There's a rumor on the internet about a powered female soldier who had the ability to transform her body into a tidal wave. She was once fighting another powered soldier from an enemy army. He had the power to create fire with his hands, so let's call him Fire Boy."

James heard a gulp as loud as thunder, and the inner walls of Phoebe's whole body rippled towards his head. He felt her teeth tenderly close on the middle of his feet, and his hands and head then passed through the sphincter and into her gut. He never expected the insides of a girl's gut to smell like vomit, but it did make sense. What really made him anxious was the heat. It felt like he was standing next to a bonfire. What if he passed out from her body heat and she failed to pull him out on her own? There would be no-one to stop him from being digested in a pool of her gastric juices.

Phoebe just continued her story. "Water Girl turned into a wave and surrounded Fire Boy. His power to start fires couldn't help him there. He drowned inside her body. Now here's where it gets interesting.... As you know, when a powered person dies, their power leaves their body and enters the body of an unpowered human somewhere else on the planet. But since Fire Boy died inside Water Girl's body, his power was instantly trapped inside her and she suddenly had two powers." Her voice was scarily playful as she described a person's death.

James reached around but couldn't find any hard objects. He touched a liquid in her gut and immediately flicked his fingers clean. Then the gravity around him changed. He felt his toes slide into Phoebe's mouth as she stood upright, and his entire body was squeezed through the sphincter of her stomach like toothpaste through a tube. When his toes slid through this ring of muscle, he landed on his back and heard her digestive juices splash around him. He was now completely in Phoebe's hot stomach. He felt around in the dark, but the walls were tight and there was nothing to grab onto. There was no sword. The only two things in Phoebe's gut were James and acid.

"I think you might have digested the sword already" he yelled, and his voice echoed like he was at the bottom of the well.

"I'm curious" said Phoebe. "If you were completely inside my body when you died, would I absorb your power and gain telekinesis?"

James was dead still for a moment. She had to be joking. There was no way such a kind, attractive girl would be willing to kill someone just to test a theory. It had to be a prank. It just had to.

"We're supposed to be an evolved form of humans" she said to him. "They say some people evolved with powers to protect themselves and others from ancient predators. But if a predator asks you to crawl into her mouth and you just do it, can you really be all that evolved? I say you should surrender your power to someone more responsible."

James forced himself to laugh. "OK. You got me. I like a sense of humor in a girl. But it's getting too hot in here. Can you please let me out?"

"I saw you bragging on the internet about having a power, James, and I started stalking you. You really should be careful what you tell the world. It was easy to set up a Missed Connection post where you would see it. I chose you because telekinesis would be a hard power to use against me once you were inside me. Not that it matters, since I slipped the power suppressant into your wine." Phoebe laughed again, but it wasn't the shy giggle of an innocent girl. It was the confident laugh of a strong woman looking down on someone weaker. "You respond to a suspicious invitation, drink a spiked drink without question, and actually crawl down my throat within an hour of meeting me. You're really too stupid to deserve a power. I just hope I don't inherit your stupidity too."

Her acids were starting to burn James's back and the air was getting stuffy. "OK Phoebe, this is funny and all, but I think your juices are starting to eat at my skin. You've scared me like you wanted, so the prank worked. You can let me out now."

"Don't worry, James. I've used my power to compress the entrance to my belly. It's now the size of a pin prick, so you'll pass out from lack of air long before my digestive fluids cause you any real pain."

James scratched at the entry to her stomach in horror but he couldn't even fit a finger in the gap. He then scratched at the entrance to her intestines and it was even tighter. The burning of the acids was getting harsher and her body heat was greater than any other source of head he had ever felt.

"Don't worry" she said. "If I don't absorb your powers from this then I vow never to eat another human ever again. Your sacrifice today will save hundreds of people. And if I do get your powers then you'll go down in history as the first person I ever consumed, after I've become the most powerful girl of all time. And besides that, you're about to become the biggest turd ever made by a human. You should be honored that I would include you in all this."

And that's when James realized that Phoebe's bright round eyes weren't the eyes of a playful and inquisitive young woman. They were the eyes of a crazy murderer who would do anything to satisfy her own needs. The air was getting so hot and stale that it was burning his throat. But his skin was burning even more from her juices. He kicked and pushed out against the tight slippery walls of Phoebe's belly but could barely put a leg out far, due to the layer of mucus that protected her tummy from her own acids. "Phoebe!" he cried. "Please! Let me out! I don't want to die!"

Phoebe moaned as if in ecstasy. It sounded like the moan of a giant. "Ohh yes! Keep struggling. I want my first time to be memorable."

James tried to scream again but couldn't seem to fill his lungs. He went numb to the pain of her gastric juices and then lost consciousness.


Phoebe lay rubbing her belly through her dress for the next hour. The sensation of having James squirming around in the center of her body had relaxed her all over, and she felt a tingle all over her body, all the way out to the tips of her fingers and toes. She was so calm that she didn't even care that the crotch of her dress was damp with dribble from her pussy. She couldn't even remember the reason she had even gobbled the boy up to begin with.

"Ohh right, I was trying to steal his power." She sat upright and pointed towards James's shirt sitting on the edge of her bed. She had to concentrate for a moment, but after a few seconds she succeeded in causing his shirt to lift into the air and hover.
"The rumors about Water Girl were true" she said. "Now I can use spatial compression AND telekinesis!" She thought about the hundreds of other powers in the world that would be cool to have. It would take years to eat that many people, and she might never collect all the powers. But now that she knew it worked, it was like suddenly winning $100,000,000. There was no limit to what she could achieve.

"Thank you, James" she said while rubbing her belly. "I promise I won't let your sacrifice go to waste. Your power is going to help me in all my future hunts." Phoebe licked her lips. '"I wonder who's going to be my next meal."
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Re: Story: "A Powerful Hunger" (F/M, oral, same size)

Postby spanxthanx » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:52 am

I really like this concept, it's new and interesting.
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Re: Story: "A Powerful Hunger" (F/M, oral, same size)

Postby R_U_Snacksize » Tue Mar 13, 2018 12:38 pm

IMHO, this is very very good!
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Re: Story: "A Powerful Hunger" (F/M, oral, same size)

Postby Cowrie » Fri Mar 16, 2018 10:01 pm

While I personally prefer a bulge, this is an interesting concept!
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Re: Story: "A Powerful Hunger" (F/M, oral, same size)

Postby avatar300 » Thu Mar 22, 2018 7:52 am

Thank you for your comments! I’m working on the second chapter whenever I can. I’ll try to have it up soon.
Check out my superpowered story: "A Powerful Hunger" (same size oral F/M, F/F, AV, toilet slave/scat-feeding)
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Re: Story: "A Powerful Hunger" (F/M, oral, same size)

Postby SmaxTheDestroyer » Thu Mar 22, 2018 12:03 pm

You should get a gallery, more people might read. This is an interesting concept, can’t wait to see whose power she steals next.
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Story: "A Powerful Hunger" (F/M, F/F, oral, same size, scat)

Postby avatar300 » Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:09 am

I've finished the second chapter of my epic superhero story. It contains same-size human F/F, ass-eating, and scat. I'm also uploading to my gallery, so be sure to follow me!


/Chapter 02/

"Drive faster! The movie will be starting in 10 minutes!"

Dane accelerated as he traveled through the forest road, with Zoe in the passenger seat. He had been late in picking her up, but he was already driving over the speed limit, and accidents were common along this road. "We wouldn't need to rush if you didn't spend an hour in the bathroom before we left" he replied.

"I did not take an hour."

"Well it felt like it."

She slapped him playfully. This sort of fight was common between them. It would make them sound like a married couple to anyone watching, but they were really just best friends. It was unfortunate for Dane, because he had had a crush on Zoe since the day he met her in middle school. It would be too hard to ask her out at this point, and it could ruin their friendship.

Besides, she would never go for a guy like him. She was perfect with her clear skin and her black hair worn in a bun. On top of that, she was powered, and it was a cool power too. Dane was fully aware of how lame some special abilities were, but when Zoe used hers, she was like a sorceress weaving a spell. It made him feel safe from the dangers of the world.

They drove along for another minute in silence, then the car jolted underneath them and started to slow down.

"How long since you last filled up?" she asked.

"It was only a few days ago. There's no way we're out of gas."

He pulled over to a clearing as the car completely stopped. They went to call AAA, but their phones got no bars in this neck of the woods, so they kept walking up the road in search of a payphone.

"Great" he complained. "Now we'll miss the movie altogether."

"It could be worse. At least we didn't crash."

They soon reached a path that led away from the road, and the further they went in the darker it got. But before long, it opened into another small clearing featuring a log cabin.

"Do you think anyone lives there?" he asked.

"Only one way to find out" said Zoe. She went to enter but he grabbed her wrist.

"Wait a minute! This looks like something out of every horror movie ever."

"Then go back to the car, scaredy cat" she said with a mean grin.

"I'm not scared! I just don't think it's safe."

"Relax. There's probably no-one home anyway. You stay out here, and if I scream or I'm not back in 5 minutes, run back to the road and wave down a car." She gave him a gentle grin that made him ache from the fact that she would never be his. "Don't worry. I'll be fine."


There was a knock on the door of the log cabin. When no-one answered, Zoe opened and stepped inside into the dark.

It was all going according to plan, Phoebe thought as she sat waiting on the recliner.

"Hello?" Zoe said again. After a few more steps, Phoebe clapped and the lights turned on. Zoe jumped back in shock. "I'm really sorry for barging into your home. I knocked but there was no answer, so I just turned the knob."

"That's okay, honey" said Phoebe in her nicest voice. "I was expecting a visitor anyway."

"I'm sorry to bother you, but our car broke down nearby and we're not getting reception. May we please use your phone?"

Phoebe giggled, and Zoe gave a nervous laugh in response. "It's funny, isn't it? We have all these amazing powers, but we still can't survive without our phones. That wouldn't be a problem for the owner of this cabin though. If his car broke down, he could have just flown into town."

Zoe made a confused face. "You're not the owner of this house?"

"I am now. It used to belong to a man named Gregory. Let's just say that I inherited the house. Along with his power of flight." Phoebe knew that Zoe was probably wanting to leave at this point, but would be too polite to back away. "This feels a bit like the tale of Goldilocks and the three bears, doesn't it Zoe?"

Zoe's face turned into one of shock. "Have we met before?"

"No. But I do know you very well." Phoebe stood from her recliner. "You know, after my first few hunts, I've found that I'm getting way too good at it. The power suppressant drug makes it all so boring and easy. For once, I'd like the chance to test out one of my new abilities. Yours sounds impressive, so maybe we could battle?"

"Thanks for letting me into your house" said Zoe, the confusion and fear clear in her voice "but I should probably get going."

She went to leave, but Phoebe raised her hand. With her telekinesis, she slammed the door shut and locked it. "No please, stay for a while. I'm interested in testing the limits of your ability."

"You don't even know that I have an ability."

"Ohh, but I know a lot about you. I research all my prey." Phoebe looked Zoe over up and down. "I like that top of yours. It suits you. You are a pretty girl. But I'm much more beautiful, don't you agree? Based on evolution, it makes sense that the sexiest woman should be the one with the most abilities. Imagine how much better the gene pool would be if all the powered women were as desirable as me? You should surrender your ability to someone the boys are more likely to choose."

Zoe had gone from anxious to irritated by this statement. "And how am I supposed to surrender my ability to you?"

"Don't worry, honey. I'll do most of the work. You just try not to struggle too much once I've defeated you." Phoebe walked towards Zoe, causing her to lift her hands and back away some more.

"What are you planning to do to me?"

"That’s simple" said Phoebe as she put one slender fingertip on her cherry lips. "I'm going to gobble you up like a piece of meat and digest your pretty body."

With that, Phoebe raised one hand and pushed Zoe back with her telekinesis. Zoe only flew back a few yards before lifting her own hands. Two crackling bolts of electricity shot out of her palms, and Phoebe had to let go of her to concentrate her powers on blocking the lightning with a telekinetic barrier.

"What is your problem, you crazy bitch!" Zoe yelled as she eyed the locked door and kept pushing forward with her electricity. "You'll end up in jail for this!"

"No jail can hold me, Zoe. I'm the single most powerful woman who ever lived, and I'm only going to get stronger with each meal." The girls both strained their arms, and the point where the lightning hit the psychic wall kept pushing back and forth. It was a game of powered tug of war. "But I wonder if my body is like a jail to my meals. Maybe I'm devouring their souls as well as their powers. Imagine spending the rest of eternity trapped in my bowels along with the waste that used to be your body. I hope for your sake that this isn't what happens."

The psychic wall kept moving between them, but Zoe looked to be tiring, while Phoebe felt nothing but excitement. "I've learned something interesting" she said. "When I gulp down a powered human, I don't just steal their ability, but also their mana. I've eaten four people, Zoe. That means that not only do I have five different powers, but I also have the mana capacity of five people. And I can spend this mana on any power I have. So even if telekinesis was my only power, I could use it for five times longer than the guy I stole it from."

Zoe was looking terrified as the bolts of lightning became thinner and less bright.

"You're a disappointment. I was hoping that your power would be strong enough to force me to use a second power of mine, or that you would at least use it in some creative way that forced me to think. And the more powers I get, the harder it will be for anyone to even stand a chance at defending themselves. I guess every hunt will be boring from now on."

"No! Please!" Zoe yelled. The lightning crackled once more between her hands then disappeared for good. Phoebe then clamped her arms close by her side and dragged her across the room, ripping all her clothing off apart from her underwear. She screamed again as her body was lifted and rotated.

"Thank you for taking care of your body. I love it when my prey respects me enough to treat my insides like a temple"

Zoe's toes slid between Phoebe's wet lips, and she savored the taste as the rest of her feet disappeared into her mouth. Phoebe got a good idea of how the helpless girl's feet were shaped as more of Zoe slid against her tongue. It felt weird to have both of someone's feet fit entirely on your tongue, but Phoebe was starting to enjoy this feeling more with each victim. "It feels so decadent to slide a living person down my throat" she said while eating. "I wish I could take this more slowly without having to worry about your mana gauge refilling. I'll have to treat myself to some powerless people every once in a while."

Zoe tried to scream again, but her mouth was clamped shut. As her knees reached the back of the throat, Phoebe felt the girl's legs tickling the inside of her esophagus. It caused her whole spine to tingle with pleasure. She noticed how soft and smooth Zoe's legs felt against her gullet walls. "You must moisturize every day" Phoebe said while caressing Zoe's waist and abdomen. "This feels so much better than gulping down men. I might have to force the next boy I devour to wax first." She imagined a world where men were forced to wax their whole bodies and moisturize daily, like livestock being prepared for her consumption. It was a world she could create one day if she stole enough powers.

The rest of Zoe's thighs passed through her lips, and Phoebe was irritated by the girl's panties. She ripped them off with her powers and pulled them out of her mouth. This gave her the chance to chew on Zoe's plush ass and explore those two silky mounds of flesh with her tongue. Zoe had a nicer body than anyone else she had eaten. It was a shame no man would ever get the chance to explore her body. But Phoebe didn't mind, because eating someone alive was a much greater thrill and she couldn't miss out on this chance just for some guy's benefit.

Phoebe tilted her head up to allow Zoe to glide down her gullet. More of the girl disappeared. First her waist and hands. Then her breasts and shoulders. Phoebe once again yanked off her bra and threw it on the floor. Her human meal's toes touched the bottom of her stomach, pushing it down against her ovaries.

"Mmmmmmm! Keep doing what you're doing, honey." Now that she was sure Zoe wouldn't be able to see, Phoebe reached up her own dress and began rubbing her vulva. As Zoe's bun passed over the tongue and her loose strands of hair tickled the uvula, Phoebe pushed her fingers deeper into her gooey pussy.


Dane was watching this outside through the window. He had started peeking through the small gap in the curtains when he heard a scream, but was now too paralyzed with fear to run to the road and flag down a car. The girl of his dreams was being swallowed alive by another woman, and this crazy redheaded seductress was actually masturbating to the act of digesting the love of his live alive.

The predator moaned as she played with herself. Her eyes had a dreamy look to them, but she seemed to look in the direction of the window for a second and her expression instantly changed.

The window swung open and Dane was pulled through the air with magic. He landed on the hard floor inside the cabin and the windows slammed shut again.

"Who are you!" the predator yelled. "Were you just perving on me while I pleasured myself? You're really a sick boy if that's how you get off!"

"No! I swear I'm not like that!" Dane replied.

"Then why are you here? Do you have any powers?"

"No, I don't. Please, let Zoe out!"

The redhead swallowed again, and a large bulge moved down her throat. It was too small to possibly be a human body, but Dane knew that this meant the last inches of Zoe were being gulped down. "Sorry, dear. I can't let my prey out after I went to such trouble to catch her." She patted her belly through her dress. "Do you have any idea how much mana I used up just to exhaust her?"
"Please! I'll let you eat me instead!"

"You'll let me? That's hilarious! You don't even have an ability and you think someone as powerful as ME needs your permission to make a meal out of you? Besides, I won't gain anything from eating a normal person." The girl patted her belly some more. "Although I do need to get rid of any witnesses. Maybe I could treat myself to some dessert once I've digested her, and take the time to enjoy it."

Dane was almost crying at the idea of losing Zoe forever. He didn't even care about his own life at the moment. "There HAS to be something I can do for you! Just name your price and I'll do it!"

The redhead stroked her chin and hummed. "You say you'll do anything I want just to get Zoe back?" He nodded. "Then be a good dog and stay sitting." She rolled up her dress and exposed a pair of silky black panties, then walked backwards until her ass was an inch from his face. He could see the word "Phoebe" stitched into the left cheek in pink cursive. The fabric of her panties had the stench of sweat and even smelled a bit like she hadn't bothered wiping properly after using the bathroom. "Now pull down my panties, but don't even THINK of touching my skin. I don't give inferior unpowered losers permission to touch my body."

Dane's hands were shaking with fear, mainly fear of Zoe suffocating in Phoebe's tummy, but he obeyed and pulled her panties down past her buttocks. Her cheeks looked clean and smooth on the outside, but a disgusting odor reeked out from between them. He struggled not to gag.

"Now follow my instructions perfectly and I promise I'll give Zoe back to you. Press your face between my ass cheeks and clean out my butthole with your tongue. Do NOT separate my cheeks with your hands. You're lucky I'm letting you put your disgusting wet tongue up my beautiful ass, but I draw the line at letting a nobody like you touch me with your dirty hands."

Dane was frozen in fear. What Phoebe was ordering him to do was so cruel and disgusting, he couldn't believe any human was capable of it. But he snapped out of it for the sake of Zoe. His face inched closer to Phoebe's ass until his nose pressed into her cheeks. Her skin was cold and damp and the smell was getting worse. Once his face was pressed fully between her buttocks, he stuck out his tongue.

The second the tip of his tongue touched her asshole, he felt sick throughout his whole body. It was the most revolting thing he had ever tasted! She clearly didn't wipe very deep, as the muck coating her ass was still moist. He pushed his tongue further up there and he had to pinch himself to stop himself from vomiting.

"Now start licking, boy."

Dane moved his tongue around the inner walls of Phoebe's shithole in a circular motion. Her stool tasted worse than anything he could imagine. It was like rotten eggs mixed with garlic and lard. Her ass was puckered so tight that it also hurt his face just to force his tongue in circles. No matter how many circles he did, the taste never got any better.

"Don't forget to swallow every few seconds" Phoebe said. "If you're just pushing the layer of my poop around then my ass will never get clean." Dane swallowed and the horrible flavor left a trail down his throat. He would never feel properly clean ever again after today. He squeezed his tongue back up her butt and kept licking. After a few seconds, he heard a wet slapping sound from the opposite side of her body. He couldn't believe she was actually fingering herself to his misery.

"Now I want you to say "Phoebe, you're the most beautiful girl in the world and I love the taste of your turds." But don't stop licking."

He tried to say this and lick at the same time, which was impossible. His tongue reached a new, unexplored band of muscle deeper up her ass. He must of poked her bowels open or something, because a batch of warm, humid gas escaped her body and passed down his throat.

That was it. He couldn't force himself to lick any longer. Phoebe's farts tasted even worse than her hole, and that was something he didn't think possible. She obviously hadn't taken a shit in a while, because that gas had clearly been stewing in a pit of her feces for a while.

Dane laid coughing on the floor as the predator walked over to a tall mirror in the corner. She separated her butt cheeks with her hands and studied her poo hole for a while.

"You actually did a pretty good job" she said. "Did Zoe let you practice on her?"

"What's going to happen to me and Zoe?" Dane asked once he had stopped gagging.

"I'll make it simple. Ever since I started including people in my diet, I've had to use my bowels almost every hour. I'm getting sick of having to make so many trips to the bathroom, and I'm REALLY sick of having to clean my toilet. So from now on, Dane...." Phoebe paused to giggle. "You're going to be my new portable toilet. Your mouth will be glued to my sexy asshole every second for the rest of your life. I'll use one of my powers to increase the amount of room in your stomach, so I'll never have to empty you out. Whenever I'm not pooping, you'll lick my ass clean. I don’t care if you're the only person who ever sees my ass again. If you stop licking for even a second, I'll punish you."

He couldn't believe his ears, but he knew she wasn't lying, and there was nothing he could do to escape. "As long as you let Zoe live."

"It's far too late for that, my dear."

"But you promised!"

"You weren't listening, were you? I promised that I would give her back to you, and I will. Once my intestines have finished removing all the nutrients from Zoe's remains, I'll give you back what's left of her. I know it's not the relationship you wanted with her, but she'll be keeping you company inside your tummy until the day you die." Dane started to sob, but Phoebe just clutched her abdomen. "I think that last guy I ate is ready to come out. Quick, toilet! Attach your lips to my butt so I can get back to hunting."
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Re: Story: "A Powerful Hunger" (F/M, F/F, oral, same size, s

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The third chapter is up. Oral F/M and F/F, F/M anal vore, scat/toilet slave.


/Chapter 03/

There was screaming and chaos inside the public pool building this afternoon. It didn't bother Phoebe. She just lay on a beach chair petting her belly as a young man named Danny fired rocks at her. The chunks of hard earth shot out of the empty space in front of his hands, but Phoebe's energy barrier protected her and the broken pieces of rock fell to the floor in front of her chair.

The only exit to this building was blocked by a wall of ice she had created. She'd taken the ability to generate ice from Bobby, who was the first boy she'd eaten after crashing this pool party. Danny was the one who put the public invitation to this party on Facebook, and after stalking a few profiles, Phoebe was delighted to learn that most of the people attending were powered. There weren't many other people here, so she easily knocked out the lifeguard and other workers before trapping the party in this room.

"I'm so thankful for Bobby's power" she said as she gave her gurgling belly another rub. "Now I don't have to keep the door closed with my telekinesis. I can digest my lunch without a care in the world. Isn't that nice, Danny?"

Danny didn't listen, and instead fired more rocks at her, but none could break her shield. Another powered guy, Mike, was punching at the ice blocking the exit with his fists, which had turned to metal due to his ability. The girl Alex ran back and forth along the opposite side of the pool at superhuman speed, looking for another way out and finding nothing. The guy whose name was Brandon, if she recalled, just sobbed in the corner.

The rocks coming out of Danny's hand got smaller by the second until he was out of mana. All he could do after that was stare at his hands and at Phoebe in horror.

"Awwwww, you're empty already? I was hoping you'd last longer." She pinned his limbs together with telekinesis, lifted him off the ground and rotated him above her head before lowering him into her mouth. His fluffy hair tickled her whole throat on the long way down. "It's a shame so many of the guys here have powers that I already have" she said to herself as she swallowed. "I had to eat Koby and Anthony before I could get to Ellie, and they both just had electric powers, which I already stole from Zoe last week. I wouldn't mind if those guys hadn't tasted so bland. If someone has no power and they aren't flavorsome, then what's the point of them even being born?"

She thought about it some more as Danny struggled his way into her stomach. "There HAS to be a more practical way to round up people with unique powers." Phoebe felt an uncomfortable rumbling in her colon as she said this. "Oooooooh. I think I need to make more room for Danny."


Ever since this evil woman had gobbled up his beloved Zoe, Dane had been trapped floating in a dark pocket dimension that Phoebe had created with one of her powers. The portal to this dimension was closed around his mouth, and his lips had been stuck to Phoebe's ass since that day. Being the ravenous predator that she was, the girl had to evacuate her bowels twice every hour, and each turd was twice the size of any that a normal human could excrete.

Dane had been Phoebe's toilet for this whole week and it was the worst hell imaginable. She kept using the power of healing to stop her toxic waste from killing him, and she used her original power of space expansion to increase the capacity of his stomach so that he'd never get full. But she only expanded the capacity one inch at a time, so he always felt bloated. He always felt the sloshing swamp of Phoebe's excrement pressing against the walls of his gut.

If he ever refused to swallow or stopped licking her butthole while she was awake, she would shock him with Zoe's lightning until he obeyed. That was the worst part of it all, knowing that his beautiful best friend's own power was being used against him, that his crush was no longer shocking him with playful little zaps. A tear rolled down his face just thinking about it.

Then he heard a loud grumble come from Phoebe's lower intestines, and he knew the worst was still yet to come.


"Keep sucking up my turds, slave boy!" Phoebe yelled at her own ass, where she knew Dane could hear through that small gap into his private dimension. "I don't want to have to stop eating for a second just because you can't do your job." As she talked, Mike's arm dangled out of her mouth. His fists were no longer metal since his mana had been depleted. The boy screamed and begged as she slurped his arm back down her gullet like a noodle.

Phoebe looked around the room. Brandon was still sobbing while watching her through the gap between his fingers, and Alex still hadn't tired herself out and was trying to break the ice by running into it at full speed.

"I was hoping she would have run out of mana by now" Phoebe said to herself while running a fingertip around the rim of her naval. "I guess I'll have to have her last. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. If she still has mana while she's in my belly, she might thrash around at super speed inside of me." Her clit tingled at the thought of this. She pointed at Brandon and clicked. "You! Get over here!" Brandon obeyed, though was shaking as he walked over. "You've been promoted to main course. That means your nightmare gets to end a little sooner."

"Me?" Brandon threw himself onto his knees and pleaded with his hands. "Please! I don't want to die! I don't even have an ability!"

"I know, dear, but I have to cover my tracks here, and it would be a waste of good meat to let you escape anyway. It's such a hassle having to stuff witnesses into my mouth when I won't even gain a new power from it, and I think I've earned a break. Climb into my mouth and crawl down my throat and I promise not to draw out your digestion."

"Please! Please! No, no, no...." Brandon shook his head at the ground.

"HEY! Unlike other gods, I have no patience for begging mortals. Either feed yourself to me, or I'll shove you down my throat, make your digestion as painful as possible, then track down your family for dessert."

Brandon clamped his mouth shut and lifted his foot towards her lips while she reclined. He still couldn't stop a few more sobs from escaping as he slid his foot into her mouth.


Dane cringed as another load of Phoebe's hot, sloppy shit poured down his throat. There was no time to pause. He had no choice but to guzzle her waste down. If he let the traffic built up, it would burst into his windpipe and choke him.

There was no consistency to her stool, due to her erratic feeding pattern. Once minute her poop would be thin as water, the next minute it would be chunky mush, then the minute after that it would be solid. After one feeding frenzy, she had done a solid turd so long, Dane had felt it coiling up in his stomach before her sphincter had even finished squeezing it out. And even after all the shit he had consumed, the flavor never got any less disgusting. It tasted like grease, sulfur, mud, and girl farts all mixed together.

But he forced himself to keep eating. He had to keep Zoe's memory alive and carry on all her secrets after death. He had to stay alive long enough to see the military step in and give this monster the justice she deserved. He just hoped that happened soon.


Alex had made her way down Phoebe's throat not long after Brandon, and was now kicking around at super speed trying to escape her slippery prison. Phoebe moaned and giggled with glee while stroking her tummy. She was glad that the room was finally empty and she could enjoy herself in private, and her bikini pants were getting so soaked in her natural lube that she considered hunting down another slave boy like Dane just to swallow all the muck coming out of her front end. She would never actually do it, since she thought her pussy was sacred and no-one was worthy of tasting it, but it was a good idea at least.

The more her latest victim thrashed around, the more Phoebe's pussy and anus reacted. She didn't even have control over her bowels anymore, and she hadn't stopped excreting in over two minutes. She eventually stopped, but her bowels still felt full.

"There must be a clog in my lower intestines" she said. "I guess I need to eat more fiber to go with all this meat." She yelled at Dane. "Slave boy! Some inconsiderate person is blocking my digestive tract on their way out. Suck this hard turd out of my body or I'll have to shock you."

She felt the suction on her asshole increase and the slave's tongue rim her sphincter in small circles.

She used Zoe's power to give Dane a small shock. "Work harder."

The suction increased and Dane's tongue slipped further into the swamp of her anus. But the clog still remained. She shocked him again. "Harder! HARDER!"

She felt Dane's tongue slide far up into her colon, snake around the hard poo clogging her rectum, and pull. The ball of shit was so solid that she grunted as his tongue pulled it out of her ass. She hoped that it wouldn't break her new toilet on its way into his stomach. But there was something else she was concerned about.

"Your tongue is abnormally long" she said. "It must have coiled 3 feet up into my bowels. You're no normal person. Stretching out your tongue is your power, isn't it? You've been lying to me, you naughty potty. You avoided letting me know that you were powered just so you would get to live longer and worship my ass."

"It's not like that! My power is so lame that I can't even use it to defend myself. I stopped showing it to people because they just made fun of me. It's a useless power that you wouldn't even want."

"You sad, pitiful man. There are no lame powers. There are only people too uncreative to figure out interesting ways to use their powers. No-one told me I could use my original power to eat people and steal their abilities. I had to get that idea myself. If I ever got the power to shrink people, I would be able to use a long tongue to lick them up like ants." Phoebe shook her head, feeling sad. "It's a shame I spent so much effort training you to be my toilet only to have to consume you in the end. But don't worry, Dane. Since you love my ass so much, I'll let you end your life inside of it."

Phoebe then used her telekinesis to push Dane's entire body up her ass, which hurt a bit but felt sensational once he was completely inside. She then decreased the gap between her sphincter and started releasing her gas into the greasy chamber that would be his tomb


Dane didn't struggle anymore as his lungs filled with the toxic fumes. His one chance at surviving Phoebe had been lost, and he knew his nightmare was about to end. If he got to go to Heaven, he would finally be reunited with Zoe and would tell her everything he had always wanted to. If their souls were going to remain trapped in Phoebe's body for the rest of time, he would at least get to share the burden with her.

His last thought as Phoebe's flatulence poisoned his body was of Zoe's beautiful smile


When the lump in her bowels had stopped fidgeting around for a few minutes, Phoebe tested out her new power. She let her elongated tongue snake down her belly and into her bikini pants, where she began mopping up the moisture that had formed. This sweet sticky juice was all for her and nobody else.

As she explored herself in new ways, she thought about how she would need to dispose of Dane's body. She couldn't keep him in her ass forever, but she also didn't want to leave traces of her hunting lying around. And she definitely didn't want to eat something that had been stuck up her butt!

"Maybe I could force someone else to eat his body, then eat them" she said to herself. "But if I have to go find a new toilet, I want to find someone else who can stretch their tongue." But it would be hard to find someone with that exact power. So after Dane had been disposed of, she would have to set up a new system to have powered people delivered right to her door. She had a brilliant idea of how to do this. "Soon, hunting for powers won't even be hunting. It'll just be ordering fast food." The thought of how soon she would conquer the world caused a fresh wave of pussy juice to gush out, and she continued eagerly licking herself. Today, she was the most powerful woman who ever lived. Tomorrow, she would become a goddess.
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Re: Story: "A Powerful Hunger" (F/M, F/F, oral, same size, s

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The fourth chapter of my story. This is a shorter and less descriptive chapter aimed at moving the story forward.


/Chapter 04/

The Special Division had the job of tracking the city’s most dangerous powered criminals and locking them away, and Zac was the youngest member of this city’s squad. He sat alone in the dark room of the SD headquarters and stared at the computer screen. The ground floor of the building contained the main office, but a mile below this building was a prison containing the most evil powered people in the state. They had each been filled with enough of the mana suppressant drug to keep a man powerless for days, and were kept behind strengthened glass. There were also a few security checkpoints between the office and the prison.

But Zac wasn’t worried about the prisoners below on this night. He was too busy staring at the map on his screen. It showed a spot where a powered man had last been seen at his apartment a few weeks ago. Not long after that, two powered friends had also gone missing. Their car had been found on a highway not far away from an abandoned cabin. A group of friends with abilities had also gone missing at a public pool. The trail of disappearances created a line that was heading right towards his city.

"It’s like someone’s going on a road trip and targeting people on the way" he said to himself. Zac didn’t officially have an ability, so he wasn’t worried about being targeted himself. But he had friends and family with powers who lived in this area. "I should warn the boss about this, but he never takes any of my theories seriously."

"You work too hard" said Blair as he entered the office, getting ready for his shift downstairs as the warden. "I bet you’re going to punch in extra hours and fall asleep on the couch here again. Do you even have a home anymore?"

"I’m just going to do a bit more research, then I’m off. Shouldn’t you be more worried about your own job? "

"Powered criminals don’t worry me when they’re full of suppressant and behind glass" Blair said. "Most of these guys wouldn’t even be able to rob a bank without their abilities."

"I guess so." Zac watched as Blair used his key to open the elevator. He then turned back to the screen. "Someone’s definitely behind these disappearances, but how to catch them?"


That night, Blair walked back and forth along the jail floor of the Special Division building. Thirty or more of the world's worst criminals were trapped in cells on the edge of the room, and each cell was covered by a sheet of thick glass. A few of the inmates hassled and threatened him as he walked past, but he didn't care. They had all had their mana suppressant shots for the day, and the drug was also mixed into their meals. If any of them managed to escape, Blair could hit a button on his belt to fill the room with the suppressant in gas form, but it was next to impossible that any of them could get free.

"Come step into my cell" said Drake, one of the most feared men in the whole prison. "Even without my powers I'm sure I could fuck you up!"

"Not today" said Blair. "And even if you had your powers, I have my gun. Face it. You're getting executed just as soon as the governor gives us the order. There's no getting out of it." Drake was a notorious murderer and serial rapist, and Blair couldn't wait to see him beg for his life. He secretly hoped he would get to be the one to give him the lethal injection or turn the switch on the electric chair.

Something caught Blair's attention, and he could tell that the prisoners were staring too. He turned around and saw someone walk through the closed elevator door. They were actually walking through a solid door? That must have been a power.

"So many bad criminals in one room" said the red haired woman, who was in a cocktail dress and walked with a confident stride. "This is my kind of party and I wasn't even invited!"

Blair kept his hand near his belt. "Are you a civilian? Visiting hours are over. How did you get in here?"

"I'm just a girl looking to have some fun. And it's pretty obvious how I got in, isn't it? I can get into anywhere I want. It’s one of the perks of being truly powerful. I didn't have to use any power on your friend upstairs thought. That lazy man was asleep at his desk." She giggled. "I’d say we need a change of staff at this place."

"Entering this room without an escort is illegal, and so is using powers here. I'm afraid I'm going to have to arrest you."

"You can try all you want." The woman created a ball of lightning in her hand, which confused Blair because it was different to the ability she had used to enter the room. He pressed the button on his belt regardless.

The room filled with purple gas from the vents, but the woman just raised a hand. A small hole appeared in the air and sucked all the gas into it, then disappeared.

Blair was shocked. How could anyone have more than one ability? All the inmates were yelling for her to kill him and catcalling her, but she didn't seem to mind and neither did he. He pulled out his gun, but with a flick of her wrist she sent it flying across the room.

She made a tearing motion with both hands, and all of Blair's clothing was ripped off apart from his underpants.

"You have no gun or other weapon left" said the woman. "You'll have to use your power to defend yourself."

"I don't have any!" he yelled.

"And yet you think you have the authority to lock up those of us who do? Inferior creatures should never be the ones to make the rules. Well I'm disappointed that I won't gain anything from this, but you can take pride in the fact that you got to feed a god."

Her tongue shot out of her mouth, but it was obviously another power because it was over fifty yards long! It wrapped around Blair's body before he knew what to do and began squeezing. The inmates cheered as he was dragged across the room, then his toes passed between her lips.


Phoebe felt the security guard pass through her lips, mouth, throat, esophagus, and into her stomach. She had become so used to consuming her game that it barely troubled her body at all. It just felt like swallowing a pill at this point. He screamed and struggled all the way down.

He was no doubt wondering how anyone was able to do this and how they could justify eating another live creature. She wondered if he was aware of the fact that he would be squeezed out of her butt as a log of brown paste tomorrow. Phoebe wished she had telepathy so she could listen in on his horror. She also wished she could keep people's minds alive for a few hours after their death so they could feel themselves turn into her turds. The thought made her want to stick her tongue back out and explore her beautiful body, but not with all these perverted men watching.

She walked into the middle of the room as the guard kicked and fidgeted in her tummy. "Listen well" she said over the chatter of the prisoners, using a power to amplify her voice. "My name is Goddess Phoebe and I'm the new ruler of the world. I've gobbled up 25 mortals at this point, and I've taken all of their abilities and mana. I plan to eat thousands more, and you're all going to help me do it."

The prisoners chattered for a bit, but stopped when she continued talking.

"A lot of you have life sentences or are on death row. I'm giving you each a chance to be free and continue living. I copied a manifest of all the registered powered people in the country from one of the computers upstairs, while the guard up there was snoozing. You prisoners are going to be my new delivery boys. You'll go out into the world and capture powered civilians, then bring them back to me. A lot of you have powers that I already have, so you have no reason to fear being my supper. Some of you have powers I haven't gained yet, so you'll have to prove yourselves especially useful if you don't want to become stains on my toilet bowl."

A few men looked nervous at that remark, but most of them seemed excited at the idea of being free. The guard's struggles were becoming weaker and weaker in her belly.

"Once I've taken over the world, you will be part of the ruling class" she said. "You'll be able to commit any crimes you want as long as they don't affect me. So serve your Goddess and you'll be rewarded."

She used telekinesis to shatter all the glass walls. The prisoners stepped out of their cells and started cheering. One of them started to chant "Goddess Phoebe!" and the others all joined in. Phoebe smiled and licked her lips as she imagined the banquet that was about to come.
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Re: Story: "A Powerful Hunger" (F/M, F/F, oral, same size, s

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Here's the fifth chapter. This is a huge turning point in the story, and where the plot really kicks off in my opinion. F/M, shrinking.


/Chapter 05/

Mia was just a normal young woman, and this day had been a normal day. She was as exhausted as she usually was after soccer training, and hadn't even changed out of her uniform before lying stomach down on her bed to read. A good book was her favorite way to relax after a hard day, and the house was empty as usual, so there was nothing to disrupt the peace.

It was a paranormal romance novel. Her brother used to make fun of her for reading books that were so cheesy, but she loved to imagine herself as the heroines in these books. She knew an epic romance like this would never happen in real life. She wasn't unattractive, but she thought she was very average looking with her dark hair and light freckles, even though she knew some guys liked that look. She was also a bit short and flat, and the women on the covers were always long legged with bouncing breasts.

Besides, she was too awkward and boring to talk to, and her power wasn't that interesting. It was a unique one that she hadn't heard of anyone else having, but that didn't mean much. Lots of people had unique powers, and even if she fell for a boy without any ability, there would always be other powered women willing to ask them out.

"I guess I'll always have my books" she said to herself with a sigh.

She heard the noise of the front door opening before slamming shut.

"That's odd. He didn't say he was coming home today." She got off her bed and took the book to her drawer. It was only a sock drawer, but there were over a hundred books inside. Each one was the size of her thumbnail. "I guess I should make some room."

She held her hand over the novel she was just reading and accessed the mana within her. The air around the book shimmered, and within a few seconds it had shrunk to the same size as the other ones.

She closed the drawer with perfect timing as she felt a shadow appear in her bedroom doorway. But when she turned, it wasn't who she had expected.
"There's nowhere to run" said the muscular man with an evil grin.

Mia gasped. She recognized this man from the TV. His name was Drake and he was one of the most dangerous criminals in the country. But the news said that he had been caught and thrown in jail a while ago.

She raised her hand to use her power, but Drake was quicker. He fired two golden rings of energy out of his palm. One wrapped around Mia's two wrists and bound them together, and the other closed around her ankles. She fell back onto her bed, struggling against the restraints. She aimed her hands at him again, but her power wouldn't work!

"It's no use, little girl" said Drake. "You won't be able to use your ability as long as I've got you bound."

"What do you want from me!"

"My new Goddess just freed me from jail, so I'm bringing her a light snack as thanks." His grin became even meaner. "She's ordered me to bring you to her alive, but as long as you're not dead on delivery, I get to do whatever I want with you first." He lifted his arm and the rings around her wrists lifted her, forcing her to stand. "I've been squashed into that cell for so long, I think it's time I have a little fun."

Mia was terrified. There was nothing she could do right now.

Then before he could even lay a hand on her, someone stepped into the bedroom behind him. It was her older brother Zac, who worked for the Special Division!

He fired his stun gun at Drake and filled the escaped prisoner with darts full of mana suppressant. Drake stared at his hands in shock. Once the darts had finished injecting him with the drug, they fell out of his back and onto the carpet. The rings he'd created around Mia disappeared without the mana to keep them alive, and she almost lost balance without them holding her up.

"You fucking bastard!" Drake yelled, and wrapped his hand around Zac's throat. But Mia raised her hand again and the air around the criminal rippled. "Wait, what's happening?" He kept objecting, but his voice became quieter as he shrunk, until he was the size of Mia's pinky. Zac bent and scooped him off the floor, then put him in the empty hamster cage on his sister's table. Her hamster had died 2 months ago but she hadn't bothered to get rid of the cage.

"I'm so glad I wasn't too late" said Zac as he went over and hugged her.

"I'm OK, but what the hell's going on here? How did he get out of prison and why was he coming after me?"

Zac spent the next hour explaining how a woman calling herself Goddess Phoebe had broken into the prison under his office and eaten the guard Blair, before freeing all the prisoners from their cells and recruiting them to capture powered people for her to eat. Zac had woken up at his desk after a hard day of work to discover on the security monitors that she was declaring herself the new Goddess of Earth. She had stolen a file containing a manifest of all the powered people in America and their abilities and was sending her new henchmen after them. She had used one of her powers to fill the elevator shaft leading down to the prison with boulders, cutting off the only access point to the prison, which she was now using as her base. Zac didn't know how she was sending her henchmen in and out of the base, since she had destroyed the cameras in the jail area after that.

"You were one of the first targets she named before breaking the cameras, so I took a copy of the manifest and rushed home" he said.

"This is horrible." Mia couldn't believe this whole absurd situation. Someone was actually eating people like their lives meant nothing, and she was now in danger. "What can we do?"

"There's nothing the Special Division can do, and soon she'll be too powerful for even the military to stop. I've got a supply of mana suppressant darts, but when Phoebe learns that her toughest henchman hasn't returned with a victim for her, we'll be in real trouble."

"Then we have to leave the state right away" said Mia.

"Yes. But running won't be enough. She'll send two or more henchmen after you soon, and your power combined with my weapon won't be enough to stop them."

"Then what can we do?"

Her brother was silent for a while. "Mia, you're the only family I have left, and you're being hunted by people more powerful than you could imagine. I don't want to lose you, so what I'm going to suggest might sound strange at first, but I wouldn't resort to this unless it was urgent."

She was getting even more worried by his serious tone. "What is it?"

"Mia, you're going to have to devour Drake alive and whole to gain his power. You'll need his ability and mana if anyone else comes for you. He's already on death row, so you'll have nothing to be ashamed of."

"That's crazy! I can't murder someone, even if he is a criminal! And you know I don't support the death penalty."

"The law has decided his fate regardless of if you support it. If we just turn him in to some other prison, he'll get the same sentence. If you let him run free, he'll just kill people who don't deserve it."

She sat on her bed for a while thinking. She'd always tried to be a good person. She had never even broken any school rules or fought back whenever the other girls had tried to fight her. Could she really do this? Would letting Drake live be a decent thing to do?

"There's a reason Phoebe sent her best man after you and why you're one of her first targets" Zac said. "Your power gives you the ability to kill people inside your body and steal their abilities, and that makes you a threat to her. She won't stop sending men after you as long as you're alive. You mightn't want to kill Drake, but are you really willing to sacrifice yourself so he can live?"

Mia was tormented by her thoughts for another few minutes. "I'll do it" she said at last.

She walked to Drake's cage and picked him up by the chest. "You don't have the guts" he said. "There's no way a fearsome killer like me is going to be killed by some scrawny girl!" He didn't even squirm as Mia held his tiny body up to her lips. She wasn't sure she wanted to go through with this, but she opened her mouth wide. Drake must have been shocked by the sight, because his tone was more fearful after that. "You won't kill me. You need me as a bargaining chip in case my Goddess catches you."

"Don't listen to him" said Zac. "His life won't mean anything to a monster like her."

Mia gulped just to lubricate her throat, but kept her mouth open and drew Drake closer towards her lips. Seeing her throat muscles in action caused him to fidget. "Wait! You're making a mistake! I can help defend you from her!" It was ironic that that's exactly what he would be doing, only after dying. She leaned back her head, held him above her mouth, and let go. "No!"

Drake only dropped a short distance. Mia could feel him holding onto the wire of her braces. It was just one more inconvenience these braces were causing her. She flicked him in the back and he fell. She then felt him slide down her bumpy tongue and into the back of her throat.

Mia gulped hard.

"Please! No! Stop!" Drake was screaming as he stretched himself out against the walls of her gullet, the sound causing her throat to vibrate. His cowardly begging almost made her feel sorry for him. She had to remind herself of the way his past victims would have begged him to spare them. She swallowed again, but he kept clinging to life. No matter how many times she gulped he just kept sticking in her throat. Zac was watching her with a weird look on his face.

"Turn away" she said past the lump in her throat.

"I think it's best if I watch this" he said. "In case something goes wrong."

"I said look away!" He looked away and she opened a drawer near her bed. She took out a tiny bottle of lube and used her power to un-shrink it. She didn't want her brother to know that she was experimenting with masturbation. Mia squirted some of the gel into her mouth, and with one more gulp, Drake was sliding down her esophagus.

He slid down so nicely with the lube that she didn't even feel any stress on her food pipe. She felt Drake plop into her tummy. His cries for help were almost too muffled to hear now, but he kept throwing his tiny body against the walls of her belly. It made Mia feel giddy in a strange way, and it wasn't exactly uncomfortable or bad, but she was afraid of allowing herself to enjoy it.

It was weird to think that he was just another thing she had eaten today, like the cereal she had eaten at breakfast or the sandwich she had chewed up and swallowed for lunch. Drake's struggling got weaker and weaker, and she hated to think of what her stomach was doing to him. Well he did say that she didn't have the guts to kill him, and now her guts were going to treat him like he was just another morsel of food.

When the criminal's struggles ended, Mia felt her mana supply grow to twice the size.

"It's done" she said to Zac. "I can feel a new ability at my disposal."

Her brother walked over to put a hand on her shoulder. "You did the right thing. Now it's only a matter of time before Phoebe sends more men after us, so we have to flee to the other side of the world. Pack your favorite possessions so we can leave quickly."

Mia thought about how powerless she had felt a few minutes ago when Drake had her in his grasp. "You could use the manifest to find the other powered people that are being targeted, right?"

"Yes, but it would put us in the path of Phoebe's henchmen. We need to leave soon."

"No" said Mia. "I'm going to stay and save the innocent people from being rounded up. It's the right thing to do."

"You can't! You're no match for her."

"Then I'll go after her henchmen instead. I'll eat every servant of hers until I've gained enough powers to stand up to her. And then I'll consume Phoebe myself."

"It's a suicide mission! I won't let you throw yourself down a hungry predator's throat like that."

"If you're a coward, then just stay away from me like you always do!" Mia yelled at her brother. He looked hurt by this, but it was the best way to keep him safe. "You said I'll always be a threat to her as long as my power gives me the ability to steal other powers, which means that she'll never stop chasing me even once she has them all. The only way to survive is for me to gobble her up before she has a chance to get that strong."

Zac gulped. "Then I'll help you hunt down her henchmen. It's my job to protect people from evil. Maybe I am a coward, but as long as Phoebe's out there, I'm not letting you out of my sight."

Mia really didn't want him getting in her way, but she would need his manifest after all, and his mana suppressant darts might come in handy. "Good. Tell me who I'm going after first."
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