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Splatville - Page 6 - An Introduction - By Drunkhamster - Overview
peeking out of the door,you see many naked or half naked males walking the street.Before you know it,you are greeted by a muscled tan male with jet black hair."Hey there!"The handsome male greets,"you new?You gotta be,well allow me to extend a hand of friendship,The name is Joule,whats yours?""no name?,huh guess since your new...Oh hey Jared!"You turn around and see a huge muscled blond male walk up to you,giant cock swinging between his thighs."hey Joule,who's this?A newbie?Wanna show him how things go on around here?""Heh,sure thing,hey Newbie,this here is Jared,he's an eater which means he jizzes us Feeders,here let me show you!"before you could say anything,he shoves his face into Jared's dick and slowly but sensually he slides into the thick rod.His skimpy short sliding off his body,revealing his massive cock.Sighing with pleasure,Jared then asks"wanna join him and waste your short life or be alive for a bit?"
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