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Vore High [resurrected story] - Page 980 - Black Chicks - By arcbound5 - Overview
"I would like some black chicks." She looks at you understandingly and responds, "A classic, alright lets get this set up." She goes to make a call on her phone, and at first things seem ok but soon she is obviously questioning. "What do you mean 'you can't find any'? Our school is 20% black it should be easy."
After a few more minutes of listening to the person on the other line she finally responds, "just figure out what is going on or where they might have gone and I will personally solve it." she hangs up and turns to face you and says "well, there is a small problem as you probably overheard. We probably won't be able to do anything about it today so instead I will teach you how to shrink your belly to manageable levels. It must be hard carrying a belly that large around." She finishes this by shaking your belly a bit, "wow, that is very tight, you do a very good job of packing it in. Of course I am going to teach you how to do that so much better you will probably look only a couple months pregnant."

After about four hours of this you manage to get your gut down to about the same size as hers, "good enough, lets rest and be ready for the information in the morning." As you walk off to go to bed, you think about what might happen tomorrow, slipping into your bed you get a good restful sleep without any sort of action coming from your tummy. At around three AM you are awoken to the sound of knocking on your door, as you open it you see a pair of hall monitors and the headmistress. "lets go, we are going to go solve a problem." she says, and walks off with you following close behind. You walk for about fifteen minutes arriving at the forest behind the school. You walk into the forest and after what feels like an hour you arrive at a giant old warehouse. The headmistress turns to you saying "We have had a couple hall monitors say that a large number of minorities were being taken here, mostly black. So we are going to figure out what is going on and then we are going to have our feast, hmm?" As she opens up the door and looks in, your first thought is what is this ritual? There are ten girls in a circle, all chanting something you couldn't possibly understand, and as they chant a purple void starts expanding from the center of the circle outward. Before this circle gets too large the headmistress shouts "What in the hell is going on here?" The voice of the headmistress breaks them from their chant and the void stops expanding, but doesn't show any sign of shrinking. All the girls are clearly in a panic, some at the appearance of the headmistress, and others at the fact that the void stopped expanding.

You wonder what the hell they were even trying to do and the headmistress very clearly expresses this thought by asking "What is this hole? what were all of you trying to do?" Before any of them could respond, a giant, white, well manicured hand reaches up and from the void and grabs onto the floor; followed by another one. Both hands pull up a very large being, her hair is golden, face drop dead gorgeous, She is wearing a pure white robe with gold trim that looks heavenly on her and her breasts are massive, which barely manage to squeeze out of the portal, and her nipples are poking hard through the robe. Beneath her mountainous breasts is a flat tummy with a bit of muscular definition that shows through the robe and a very narrow waist, below that is a... she is stuck. The fact is a shock not only to you but to her as well, as she looks down and notices that she is in fact, stuck right before her hips. Looking at how gigantic her breasts are, you can only assume her hips and ass are even more amazing than that, which leaves you watering a bit at the mouth. She tries in vain a few more times to dislodge her heavenly hips and Godly ass, but despite the amount of force she uses to try to pull her out, no matter how much she twists her face in exertion, which only makes her seem more beautiful, she fails to extract her bulbous trunk from the portal. Leaving her heaving and panting and turning to face everyone in the room. "Hello, I am Zaelia, goddess that granted the white woman her beauty, and who performed this summon?" the girls wearing the robes raised their hands one stepping forward saying "I organized and led this summoning." Zaelia reached down and picked her up, looked at her closely and said, "if you weren't white I would devour you, however I am a gracious goddess and if you bring me what I desire I will forgive you and maybe if I get enough power still grant you the power of an angel." the girl pointed towards the back of the warehouse and there, in cages, were about two hundred or so black girls caught, and said to her "we have many more out in the woods, but we didn't want to bring them in to disrupt the ritual." "Excellent, they will be good for a first meal on the path of my cleanse," replied the goddess. The headmistress stepped forward again and asked, "Why do you need to have all the black women in our school for your so called 'cleanse'?" her response is a hearty laugh, which leaves you staring at her tits reaction, she then leans over so she is only a few feet from you, letting her hair come to rest right next to you and it smells heavenly. She then begins to monologue "When I was first giving beauty to the world I gave a little bit out to everyone, which was fine for a while. But no one group was truly drop dead gorgeous, truly worthy of being sculpted by a goddess of my caliber. I simply could not let something like that happen, so I selected one group to be the ones to carry my legacy, to become the most beautiful of all, and that group was the white woman. I gave them everything, the most beautiful faces, the softest of skin, the biggest breasts, the cutest tummies, the thinnest waists, the widest hips, the largest butts, the longest legs, the thickest thighs, and the most gentle hands and feet. And all of this was true for countless years, generations, centuries, even a couple millennia it remained true. This all changed about a hundred years ago though; Asians started to own biggest breasts and most beautiful faces, Native Americans earned the softest skin and the cutest tummies, Hispanic chicks got legs for days and thighs that rivaled tree trunks; and worst of all, the feature that I am most proud of that I gave to the white woman to rule over forever and ever, Black women stole the best ass and widest hips. I was furious when I found out, everything else doesn't matter, I am known for my hips and my ass before anything else... even though from where you are standing you won't be able to see them, and to have the people that I bless with that LOSE? I could not stand it, so I decided to do something about it, and I am gonna start by eating as many of them as I can and using that new power I will lord over this world making sure it stays as I want it to."

The headmistress simply shakes her head and says, "I can't have that, and it seems you are stuck where you are, so how about you go back home and I punish the girls that summoned you and call it a day?" and Zaelia leaned back up to her full height and flicked some hair over her shoulder responding with, "I would like to see you try, but I am stuck fast and I doubt my followers could beat you alone, so lets make a deal. I will challenge your group to an eating contest, if I can eat more I win and you let me run this world, if your group wins then I will leave through this portal and you can punish my followers." The headmistress sits there and smiles back at the goddess and responds, "how about this, its only my new goddaughter who challenges you, everyone else will sit to the side and watch." The goddess looks on in confusion, then suddenly laughs again, after a short while gives her response, "deal, but lets make sure you don't try to interfere," and Zaelia reaches forward and grabs the headmistress in a fraction of a second and then ties her up and hangs her from the ceiling right above herself. "Now that you won't be able to interfere, lets begin. We will each eat a black chick until one of us can't go on anymore and at that point the winner will be decided and the rewards dished out." And with that, the games have begun.

Goodness she eats fast, which makes sense because her upper body is about fifty feet tall and you can't even see the rest of the body so she is probably closing in on hundred feet tall. Which means that her throat is probably wider than some of these girls you are eating are tall. At first she was eating one for one with you, but after a while she got bored so she started grabbing five at a time and waiting for you to catch up. You are wondering why the headmistress told you to go solo, she has eaten thirty-five already and doesn't have too much to show for it and you are struggling to maintain your tightened belly. When you finally catch up, Zaelia gives you a wink and grabs a whopping twenty girls and eats them almost all at once. You gulp as you watch them go down her throat and arrive at her belly, which expands to hold the new arrivals. She looks to you as you eat your twenty, you are really starting to slow down at this point and you feel that maybe the headmistress should not have put as much faith as she had in you. After half an hour you do manage to eat your twenty and she laughs a bit at your struggles and grabs ten more; but these ten have bellies filled with either food or other people, you aren't sure which, making them probably more filling then the last group. As the last girl in that group arrives at her belly, it finally reached the point of being bigger around than her bosom. She gives her belly a loving pat and looks to you to finish your end of the bargain, which you work hard to achieve and you feel like you could barely manage to do so. She looks at you as she grabs five more and swallows them, sending them to their fate and then asks you, "do you think you can keep up? there are still so many." you respond with...
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