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Vore High [resurrected story] - Page 982 - I Can't - By arcbound5 - Overview
"I... I can't do it, no more." Zaelia smiles a wicked smile and reaches up to grab the headmistress and says to you, "if you can't eat any more guess I will just eat your precious godmother." She places the headmistress into her mouth and swallows, you watch as her bulge moves down her throat and arrives at her stomach. When she does however things start to change drastically. The goddess at first smug looks at her tummy with fear as first a little rumbling turns into shaking, which gets more and more serious. The headmistress may be in her tummy but she is not about to give up and is doing everything she can to fight her way out and Zaelia is moving her hands on her rotund belly in an attempt to calm it, but nothing seems to be working. She is moaning and panting and looking at it with fear in her eyes, and after a minute of this she lets out a huge moan and orgasms, but then the tummy calms down and no longer moves. You were so distracted by her belly that you didn't notice all the other changes happening to her, her breasts grew larger, her arms became more muscular, and her face became even more attractive. And with that she decided to try and pry herself out of the hole one more time. This time, still with a bit of effort, she managed to pull her huge hips and astronomical ass out of the hole, and they looked amazing. The legs that followed after were breathtaking themselves but in no way a comparison to her hips and ass. She stands up and gives herself a good look over saying, "Oh me, I look and feel so much better. The headmistress did a wonder on me, for a second I thought she might take over from my tummy or something." She reaches into the group of black girls and grabs them all and devours them in one gulp. "mmm filling meal, lets make sure the ones who came to punish my summoners get eaten as well. but not until I bless the ones who brought me here with true beauty." and she raised each of them one by one to her face and gives them a sultry kiss and sets them back down, by the time she is kissing the fourth girl the first one starts changing. She becomes much more busty, muscular, beautiful, taller, and her hips and ass grow to the most amazing proportions you have ever seen not counting Zaelia and lastly a pair of angel wings sprout from her back. Nine of the ten summoners get a kiss, but the leader of them gets a bit more, she gets brought under the robe and up to a nipple and gets a drop of milk from the goddess's bosom. A drop for her though is a lot more for us so when she comes down she has a belly looking like she is about to give birth. But that doesn't last long as that dissipates into her and makes her the most attractive of all the ten summoners with two pairs of wings.

"I name all ten of you my angels and you, whom I gave my most powerful blessing, I name you archangel. Now let me eat my most foolish opponent and you all can eat the other interlopers and prove your worth!" with her last sentence all ten turned and faced you and jumped you with speed you have never imagined the goddess grabbed you and plucked you up and swallowed you in seconds, nothing you had even remotely slowed down her swallowing. She then grabs the archangel and tells her to take her to where they kept the other girls, and with that you were eaten and your story ends. However the story of Zaelia is one that would be best told. She ate the girls that were lured out, and continued to eat girls for more and more power, as her power grew so to did her influence and slowly but surely she came to rule the world with her angels at her side, she created a caste system with white women on top and everyone else on bottom, and made sure her angels each owned a part of the world and were in contest with one another so that they wouldn't team up to defeat her and her archangel.

However, this proved to be her downfall, because when she decided to go to another dimension to try and expand her power, and her bosom. She left the Archangel in charge and she was very distrustful of the other angels because they very obviously wanted more power. But with the goddess gone people who were living under her cruel rule rose up and started a revolt in the territory of one angel, and managed to defeat and devour her letting them gain her monumental power. With one defeated they moved onto another one, and when she asked for help the others ignored hoping that in her weakened state they could take over what she originally had. However the girls that defeated and devoured her grew to be too formidable for any of the other angels and quickly conquered three more before the others decided to do something about it. But by then it was too late and when four decided to meet up at the castle of the fifth they found her and her entire busty army eaten by the forces of these inferior women. They had no choice but to attack on the open fields and while the fighting was fierce, the angel's armies fell into the mouths of the rebels and the only survivor was the archangel as all others had been eaten. She prayed that the goddess would return before it was too late, and gathered what was left of her forces to defend her power. But it was futile as her forces, despite being the most beautiful women around, could not compete with the sheer numbers they were against and fell themselves. Before she was eaten, however, Zaelia returned to the realm and saw that her entire rule was about to be overthrown. Angered she started eating as many of the warriors standing against her rule and everyone thought that her appetite was endless and she was going to eat everyone, but after eating hundreds of thousands of women she came face to face with the girl that ate her angels and saw the girl who had eaten her people. An Asian women, with bountiful breasts like you see only on your archangel, a tight tummy and hips that would make your angels jealous and an ass you can see from the front that if she was your size might be a similar size and thick thighs and sexy legs. Zaelia goes to reach for her but you don't go as far as she thought you would have, her tummy sliding on the ground slows her down too much and she is in perfect position to be eaten. And that is what the interloper does, devouring her head in seconds and swallowing to her bust, she opens wide and gets the massive mammaries in her and teases them for a bit. Just long enough for milk to drip from the oversized juggs and moves to swallow them down. Zaelia's tummy is huge from eating so many girls, and she hopes that might stop her, but it does no such thing as she finishes that huge belly in a few strong gulps. Last, but most certainly not least, is the goddess's massive behind, and with her legs flailing to try and get her out, it is bouncing all over the place. This does not dissuade the hungry Asian as she takes on the massive meat, things started slowly and kept getting slower, until finally she was nearing the widest part of the goddess's ass and couldn't get any more in her. When she thinks she might not be able to conquer the goddess, a hand reaches up and grabs her shoulder and she looks and sees a demonic woman, the one that came to her in a vision. She smiled at her and flew up to the glorious butt and gave it a push. with that she devoured the goddess's butt and swallowed the legs in relative ease. after all that was in her, she let out a massive burp that shook the very castle they were storming. When she finished she looked for the woman that helped her and saw her sending the archangel to her gut. when she was finished she sauntered over to her, breasts bouncing and hips swinging, and said "After a thousand years we have finally dealt with the goddess, now she will never harm anyone ever again." and That was the fate of the goddess Zaelia.
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