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A Vore-Torn World - Page 33 - Let the Battle Begin - By PurpSoul - Overview
You take your place on the sideline as you and the rest of the team wait for the game to begin. As the quarterback, you make the call on the toss. The referee, a tall, dark skinned woman, beckons you and the opposing team's quarterback to the center of the field. She watches expressionlessly as the two of you meet in the middle. Your opponent is taller and skinnier than you, but you can tell he's still muscled. You quickly scan the line of players on the sideline. You are surprised to see an impressive looking team. It's been a while since you've battled a team that wasn't made up of second hand players, the leftovers from the last game or two. This team might actually pose a challenge.

Your opponent wins the coin toss and elects to kick, meaning you get the ball first. The two of you shake hands grimly, then the teams set up on the field, and the game begins.

You can tell this is going to be a hard one from the very start. Your first drive is stopped in it's tracks, forcing you to punt it away. Your defense is able to stop them from scoring, but just barely.

The game continues like this until half time, with neither team having scored. In the locker room. Coach Amy berates you all for such a weak start, claiming that you should have a score or two by now. You are all extremely winded. It's already been an exhausting night, and it's only half time.

A few minutes later, your team is kicking the ball away, and the wind half starts. You watch as your defense falters, and the opposing team makes the first score. You're getting worried now. If you and your team don't get on the ball soon, you'll be filling someone's tummy for sure. You keep your eyes away from the cheerleaders, partly out of fear, and partly because you know Millie is there, and you feel embarrassed.

You get the ball back after they score, and you trudge back out. You have to score this drive, or you probably won't win.

You fight your way down field, working closer and closer to touch down. Finally, just 20 yards away, it's third down. You only need two yards for the first down. Breathless, you all line up, and you start the play, pulling back for a pass.

You frantically glance about, looking for an open receiver. There are none. Your eyes widen as you see an opposing player break through and charge toward you. You have to think fast, do you run for it, throw it, or let him hit you?
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